We are software specialists for space-related applications for telecommunications and utility companies.

About Geo&Web

The IQGeo Platform™ forms the technical basis for our solutions.
It offers a flexible, powerful and scalable platform for network design and management.

Our solutions are introduced within the framework of agile projects. Our customers particularly appreciate the transparent processes and continuous commissioning of solution components.

We offer you all-round services for all phases of software projects, from planning, development, manual and automated tests through to training, implementation, maintenance and support.


For many years now, we have been developing not only customized solutions but also standard products based on the IQGeo Platform™

Fiber Planning

Our Fiber Planning™ software automatically generates a cost-optimized next-generation fiber network plan and design. The system produces a geospatial layout and Bill of Materials using mathematical optimization based on available data sources, design standards and manual user inputs. Fiber Planning is easy-to-use, compatible with IQGeo’s Network Manager, and integrates with all leading GIS databases.

IQGeo Inside

  • Simply embed web applications (Google, OSM, Cyclomedia, …) in Smallworld and display them
  • Simply display geo-data from web applications in the Smallworld map window
  • Bi-directional navigation between Smallworld and IQGeo Platform
  • Transfer data from mobile capture in Smallworld in a convenient process that ensures data quality



We have been a development partner of IQGeo for a number of years

Website of IQGeo

We offer all project-relevant services based on the IQGeo Platform for our common customers in North America and Europe.

As a technology partner of IQGeo, we jointly develop and maintain standard products such as Fiber Planning and IQGeo inside.


Automated Fttx solutions are developed jointly with atesio

Website of atesio

They are leading experts in the field of the optimization of telecommunications networks based on mathematical methods.

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